Human Resources Software


Payroll System

Erasoft Payroll System is a powerfull and complete payroll system for Indonesian version.

User defined parameter & setup to make the System more flexible and easy to use. Confidentiality and security will always be maintened at the highest priority through multi level password. Export & Import facilities from text and excel file format to link with your own customization program.


  • Support for daily & monthly employee
  • Without entry for employee attendance
  • User defined allowance & deduction (up to 26 columns)
  • User defined parameter to make the system more flexible
  • Multi curreny for expatriate
  • Multi department
  • Bank payment list for bank transfer purpose
  • Flexible tax calculation (Net, Gross up, & Final)
  • Astek calculation & reporting
  • Tax report including form 1721 A1 & A
  • Flexible loan deduction control
  • Medical, hospitality, & annual leave budget control
  • Link to time attendance & personal information system (PIS) module

Time Attendence System

Erasoft-Time Attendence System is a powerful time

attendence system which can handle simple and complex Work Schedule Setup. All the setup are handled by parameter setup which help the user to easily maintain the system.


  • Flexible Overtime Setup (by Employee or by group).
  • Overtime can be by permission or by automatic hours.
  • Flexible Work Schedule Setup (single or multi shift) including over midnight capability.
  • Flexible employee ‘Days Off’ setup (by employee or by group)  including variation of changing ‘Days off’ by employee or group
  • User Defined Attendence Code.
  • Flexible & User Friendly Employee Attendence Adjustment Entry.
  • ‘Today Attendence List’ is an instant report to see who is attend or absent without doing daily posting.
  • Link to any computerize Attendence Machine.
  • Link to Erasoft-Payroll or other payroll system.