Our Division


Marketing & Sales Division

Our marketing & sales division is a division who execute Erasoft products sales process and guarantee quality and services of Erasoft products that could be accepted by our customers, continously survey and create new product based on new technology to adjust market demand.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is a solid and professional team, expert in their fields, experienced and competent in product knowledge and the latest technology, we could develop and create products and services to adjust market demand in order to provide benefit to our future customers.

Sales Team

Our sales team is a professional team that has good product knowledge, could explain and advice the right Erasoft products and services based on the customer requirement. More important our sales team guarantees quality of the Erasoft products and services that curently use and will be used by our customer, always keep good relationship with our customers in future.

Customer Service Team

Customer satisfaction is the most important of our commitments, and our Customer Service Team is proof of this. The team is staffed with highly trained IT support who promptly handle and fix all complaints from customers concerning the Erasoft products they have purchased from us.

Operational Division

Our Operational division is divided into 3 ( three ) Departments which is R & D department, Business Consultant Department, Maintenance Department. Each department in charge for different tasks, but all serving the same objective to ensure customer satisfaction in the real sense of the word.

Research & Development

Research & Development (R & D) Department is a department that develop an innovative product to adjust the latest technology. Besides that this department has function to maintain and enhance the product quality. With this departments we can consistency develop our continuous product so our customer investments will be guaranteed.

Business Consultant Department

Our Business Consultant adopts an effective implementation system which we invented after more than 20 years of serving customer.

Maintenance Department

Our Maintenance team is contained of young professional , expert staffs which has been trained to guarantee and save your investments while you buy and use our products. With this department we hope we can keep your pleasant and simplify to operate Erasoft, give benefit and save your investment on Erasoft.