I. Implementation Methodology

Erasoft Implementation Methodology to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery throughout all its project engagements. We bring together expertise and best practices, including project templates and lessons learned.


Erasoft is client focused; we apply only those project "modules" which are appropriate to the project requirements. Our project life cycle implementation is constructed around five major phases. Although there may be overlap among the activities during each of the phases, the phases are performed in the order presented.


Phase I - Business Requirement Survey
During the Business Requirement Survey phase, we try to understand of current business practices and identify areas for improvements. The objective is to develop a comprehensive list of requirements. Also during this phase, the core project team members gain a thorough understanding of the software application, prepares the Business Requirement Specification which is transformed to Customization Requirement Specifications.


These specifications map the customization of the software to the requirements of the project/application/organization. Any gaps between the functionality of the software to the requirements of the organization is highlighted and documented.


Included in this phase are the following activities:


Phase II - Customization dan Functional Process
During the Customization and Functional Process phase, the project team will design the customer solution, including database schema design, repository definitions, integrations and other technical issues, as well as page layout, templates of the primary interface design. This phase is driven by project goals and user needs as defined by the Customization and Functional Specifications Also during this phase, we will also refine the requirements, define user scenarios for all user categories, complete the detailed technical architecture,. Also, a detailed project plan for the implementation phase will be prepared.


Included in this phase are the following activities:


Phase III - Installation and Setup
This phase includes the Installation of programs, database and setup process on technical architecture.


Included in this phase are the following activities:


Phase IV - User Training and Testing
During this phase, the entire customer solution will be quality-control tested according to the QA plan and, created during create user's Scenario testing at phase I . Also during this period, the entire users of our customer will be trained with User Interface and Business Operation Process. Our customer will performed acceptance testing according to user's Scenario testing, also we will provide bug fixes.


Included in this phase are the following activities:


Phase V - Roll Out (Go Live)
During the Rollout phase, the project team ensures that the completed system is fully functional, satisfies user requirements, and achieves business objectives. Most importantly, during this phase ownership of the new system passes from the project team to the users. After the application is live, this phase provides you with a formal project close-out and review to ensure that the system operates efficiently and continues to meet the requirements of the users. Changes in your Business environment are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis for any change.


Included in this phase :