Erasoft is a suite of software applications that support Financial & Accounting System, Trading & Distribution System, Manufacturing System, Human Resources System, Tenancy System, and Customer Relationship Management. Although integrated in design, these software applications can be used individually or in combination as you expand into the different areas of business operations.


Erasoft software applications are seamlessly integrated into a centralized Accounting and Cashiering System that is designed to meet all your financial reporting requirements.


Erasoft is a complete and fully integrated solution for your operational needs and business growth.


Fully Integrated System

Erasoft is modular in its design. These modules can be progressively installed on a need-to basis to meet specific business requirements.
Many of these modules are integrated to each other to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Built around a relational database, it allows you to collect, store, extract and analyze an unlimited amount of data from your accounts so that you can better understand, make better decision and respond to the needs of your customer.
Because it's an integrated system, it has single data entry concept and data are processed in real time to enable access to vital information as and when required.


State-of-the-Art Technology

We use cutting-edge technology such as WEB Based programming in our development work and translate them into practical customer benefits.

This fully integrated product features :



Erasoft is designed and developed using leading-edge technology that encompasses all the benefits of Web technology in Web Based Application and in accordance with our motto “Let The Technology Working For You” , with Reminder and Dashboard Facility, Erasoft always help Users to remind and follow the rule of Business Process and analyze business development.


Annotation to reports and Email capabilities As Reminder are just some of the standard functions made available in this system.

Keyboard , mouse and barcode supports , Free and Easy to create report Or Graphics Analyze with Dashboard Facility, Free and Easy to create Reminder Reports with Reminder Facility ,and Flexible data search with filter functions that users need and multi-tasking capabilities are standard throughout the system and the use of tree views, list views, check boxes, icons, drag & drop, etc . Makes Erasoft an exceptionally user friendly application.


Multi-Company & Multi- Currency

The standardization of computers system within an organization offers great benefits. With a single system, you can computerize all companies and projects in one centralized location. Or you can have the option to distribute it in different locations. Erasoft supports multiple companies, multiple currency and forms the organizational backbone of your organization.


Flexible System Configuration

Erasoft features a table-driven and design that allows you to configure the system-from data validation to rules of business process.
You can easy setup your system flow as your requirement and needs, and also you can 'add-ins' a sub system into the menu as your needs.


Technical Support

Through its Technical Support, Erasoft provides online technical support to all its customers via dial-up networking (Remote Support) using a modem or the internet.
This center is staffed by highly trained professional who designed and developed the software.