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Erasoft CRM & Helpdesk System

Erasoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a program that provides the tools and capabilities needed to maintain the relationship with customers before and after sales.


Erasoft CRM manages sales leads, accounts information, adds and organizes contacts, and automate schedule meetings. Erasoft CRM help Your sales team work more effectively and can create a sale faster. Erasoft CRM also have the capabilities managing Marketing Campaign and therefore Increase sales activities.


With Erasoft CRM , a company can increase its quality of service and create an impression to the customers that they are given personalized service, and consequently it will gain customers loyalty. Erasoft CRM are easy-to-use, Web-based, and available on a subscription basis. With Erasoft CRM, organizations can act immediately to improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness - while still keeping strategic options open and without compromising cost-effectiveness or user adoption.




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